"The Marble"


The marble is small but strong and full of energy. 
No matter how many times it is bounced against the ground,
tossed around, it cannot be shattered.

The marble is substantial.
It has a quality about it that emits light from different angles but also
transparent though you cannot see through it.

My mother is also small yet substantial and strong, unshattered by life.
She is transparent yet beautiful colors of life swirl inside of her.
A light emits from the joy she has in Christ, despite cancer and heartache.

When I was a child, I really loved marbles.
I loved how perfectly spherical they were, the smooth surface, how they felt on my finger tips.
I loved how each one was completely unique, the colors that swirl inside of them.

I love my mother for the light that she is in my life.
I love her for the color that she gives to the world around her though life is difficult.
I love her more than when I was a child.