A servant of my work.

I have been wrestling with what it means to glorify the name of the Lord and not mine. As an artist, I want to be recognized for my work but how can I do that without glorifying myself?

God knew that left to ourselves, our hearts desire the things of the flesh, to make our own name famous. In His goodness and wisdom, He made a way for us to overcome that. When we abide and delight in Him, God gives us the desire to be aligned with Him always - to glorify His name and not ours.


And the same goes for our work - when we delight in the Lord’s provision of work, He gives us a servant’s heart to serve our art to ultimately serve Him.
Madeleine L’Engle says it best: 

Servant is another unpopular word, a word we have derided by denigrating servants to service.
To serve should be a privilege, and it is our shame that we tend to think of it as a burden,
something to do if you’re not fit for anything better or higher…

Over the years I have come to recognize that the work often knows more than I do.
And with each book I start, I have hopes that I may be helped to serve it a little more fully… 
When the work takes over, then the artist is enabled to get out of the way, not interfere.
When the work takes over, then the artist listens.

- from Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engle

What is the heart behind your work and what you create?
Are you creating for your glory or for God’s glory?