I never wanted to be a Christian artist.

As a non-believer, I used to cringe whenever I saw the word "Christian" used as an adjective for a genre - Christian music played by Christian musicians, Christian movies made by Christian filmmakers, Christian fiction written Christian authors. 
As a new believer, I associated Christian art with all of the cheesy and trite images of praying hands or Jesus holding a lamb. I did not ever want to be labeled a "Christian artist."

However, I have found that it is impossible for me to separate my work from my faith.
Ultimately, I am a Christian artist.  

So what does it mean to be a "Christian artist"?

I have found to sit down to the act of creation is not very different from sitting down to pray, to read the bible, to meditate on His word. For me, creating in the form of art-making, working, is one in the same as communing with God via prayer, the Word, and sitting still. In writing, I commune with Him when I give up my thoughts to pen and paper or type on my laptop. In painting, I give up my vision to my paintbrush and paints, focused on the colors and the flow of the water as the two mingle together on the toothy surface of the watercolor paper. All of it is in the faithful act of giving it up to God.

In the act of creating, my work is not so much influenced by Christianity as much as my work is an expression of what it means to be a Christian in my life. My art is the way I explore my faith, the way I grapple with he mysteries of God that I may some day understand as well as the ones I will never understand. My work is an outpouring of my experiences of God, my feelings about Him, my love for the Lord my God who created me out of nothing. My art also allows me to express my frustrations about my faith, dig deep into why He seems to be silent or absent; I can see past myself.

My work is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit working in my life.


Outpour. A Self Portrait. 
by Sojung Lee

What does being a Christian artist mean to you?
Please leave your thoughts below - I would love to hear from you.