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What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Courtney Ware - and I’m an independent filmmaker.  That sort of sounded like a weird confession.

How did you start making your art? Why do you keep going?

I grew up around the theatre.  My dad was a playwright and also an electrical engineer.  My mom is an interior designer and was also a Math major.  So, I sort of got this incredible mix of right and left brain from my parents.  It was an awesome gift - something that I can take to my filmmaking - the technical and the creative.  

I remember growing up, I would grab my parents camcorder and film with my Beanie Babies (ha!).  I think I edited my first film project in the 7th grade for a school assignment.  I’ve always loved communicating and telling stories through film. I really love chasing the emotion of film - the way that film can so intimately evoke emotions is something completely unique and wonderful.

What are you working on now? Or current obsession?

Currently, I’m writing, which is funny because I’m terrified of writing.  What's also funny - that’s exactly why I’m writing.

What are you thankful for in this season of your life, your work?

I’m thankful for failures, as strange as that sounds.  I used to think that I was incapable of failing, which is really ridiculous.  This season of my life has been full of failures and as difficult as it is to deal with, I’m really thankful for them. I have grown more in my artistry and craft in this season than any other, and it all started with accepting my failures for being a beacon of growth.  

What does "being creative" mean to you?

I love this definition of creativity:  “Creativity is the ordering of chaos.” I love that something “creative” can be orderly - it can be chaotic in it’s own specific (non-orderly) way.  It's finding correlation between things that shouldn’t go together but do. 

I think being creative is also a bit of a state of mind - of being open to observing the world in a different way and deconstructing it through your eyes.  I believe there are no new ideas - but there are new perspectives and voices.


What inspires you?

I’m definitely inspired by a really great film - but that’s an obvious answer.  I love going on walks - I try to clear my head and just listen and be still.  These times of quiet are wonderfully inspirational.  

I’m also inspired by those around me - especially those that are creating and fully being who they are. There’s a group of women and we meet once a week (Sojung is one of them!) - I’m so inspired by all of them.  They’re incredible women - and amazing artists.  What better inspiration do you need?

What are you reading/watching/listening to right now?

I’m reading a book by Richard E. Cytowic, Wednesday is Indigo Blue.  It’s part of my research for my next screenplay.

Any advice for women who are aspiring creatives in your field?

Go and do.  People follow action.  Don’t be afraid - just go and do. 

More importantly, surround yourself with other women who are in your field.  Having the support of other artistic women is so important - and something that I count on.  

Describe your perfect day of recharging/relaxing.

Sleeping in.  I love sleeping.  Then, watching a movie.  Then, sleeping again. Coffee would probably be involved at some point. Basically being as lazy as possible. I’m definitely an introvert (with extroverted tendencies) - so having time to be alone is really important. 

I cannot live without …

Chips and queso.  My husband and I have our favorite Mexican restaurant that we go to basically once a week.  We get the queso - and the guacamole - every time.  I really could eat it every day if they’d let me. 

 Courtney Ware directing on the set of her film,  Sunny in the Dark. Photographed by Miah Oren.

Courtney Ware directing on the set of her film, Sunny in the Dark.
Photographed by Miah Oren.

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Watch: Blue Disquietude
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Illustrations and hand lettering by Sojung Lee.

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